Service Culture Guidelines

Patients Are First

As an employee of UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center, I recognize that the needs of patients and families come first. I am committed to ensuring that each patient and family seeking care within UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center is treated in a manner that is consistently respectful and professional.

To show my commitment to our patients, I will:

Make the patients and families we serve my HIGHEST PRIORITY by placing their needs first

• Discuss patients and their care in a confidential setting.
• Knock and/or ask “Can I come in?” before entering a patient’s room. Use doors, curtains and blankets to create a more private environment when necessary.
• Access only confidential patient information that is relevant to my job.
• Discuss confidential organizational issues only with those who need to know.

COMMUNICATE effectively
• Acknowledge patients, family members, and co-workers with a sincere and warm greeting.
• Introduce myself by name.
• Explain my role and speak in ways that are easily understood.
• Ask each patient how he/she would like to be acknowledged (Mr./Mrs./first name).
• Close every patient encounter with an acknowledgement that is respectful, such as “Thank you” or “Do you have any questions?”
• Recognize that body language and tone of voice are integral to effective communication.
• Wear my ID badge where it can be easily seen.

• Treat others with courtesy, honesty and respect even in challenging situations.
• Be sensitive and empathetic to the needs of others.
• Continue to learn and seek new knowledge to enhance my skills.
• Recognize that I play a role in the public’s perception of UW Medicine | VMC and that I am an ambassador for UW Medicine | VMC

• Offer assistance to people who are lost or trying to find their way by escorting them to their destination or taking them to someone who can help them.
• Help those in need until their issues are resolved or another co-worker has assumed responsibility.
• Be dependable and timely.
• Take personal responsibility for keeping the work environment clean and safe by cleaning up litter and spills, or promptly contacting the appropriate resource.
• Practice consistent hand hygiene to prevent the spread of infection.

Be COMMITTED to my colleagues and to UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center
• Respect and acknowledge differing values, opinions and viewpoints.
• Recognize and encourage positive behavior.
• Address inappropriate behaviors in a confidential and constructive manner.
• Promote interdisciplinary and interdepartmental cooperation.
• Promote the mission, vision and values of UW Medicine | VMC.
• Follow all UW Medicine | VMC policies and procedures.