Mother Gives Birth to Fifth Living Generation

Mother Gives Birth to Fifth Living Generation

Four mothers welcomed Heaven into the world.

That is a Renton family now has five living generations, after the birth of Heaven King, the great-great granddaughter of Renton's 89-year-old Doris Girias.

"We've all stayed in Renton pretty much our whole life," said the new mother, Whitney King. "We have a really strong family."

Girias moved to Renton in 1939 and her family hasn't left.

"My parents still live in the same house that I was raised in," said grandmother Michelle McDaughtery.

Everyone in the family lives about a five-minute drive from one another, King said.

Longevity isn't a stranger to this family. McDaughtery was also the fifth of five living generations.

"I didn't really think about it too much, because I guess I'm so accustomed to it," she said. "When you really think about it, not many people have five generations."

The story caught the eye of local broadcasters, and news crews met all five generations at Valley Medical Center.

"People were dumbfounded," McDaughtery said.

There was some uncertainty whether it was going to happen.

About six months ago Girias had some health problems and the family didn't know if she'd survive to meet the baby.

"She's basically the heart of our family," McDaughtery said. "Whitney is really grateful that she's here to see the baby."

After a 12-hour labor Aug. 9, mother and child are doing well. Heaven weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 19 inches long.

"I'm just really blessed. I believe that God sent her for me," King said explaining Heaven's name.

Whitney was the first black in the family of strong European heritage, making the multi-generational family also multi-racial.

"I think it makes this story even better, because I don't know of any families that have that many generations and can say that they have a mixed woman in their family," Whitney said.

She's never felt different around her family, which is very close, she said. "The love is the most important thing... We're all loved by one another."

Photo caption: Whitney King holds her newborn daughter Heaven Lee King. Behind from the left is Michelle Fredell McDaughtery (Grandmother), Linda Girias Fredell (Great Grandmother), and Doris Raffo Girias (Great, Great Grandmother). When Heaven was born this month, she made the fifth living generation of this Renton family.