Candidate Quick Look Across 5 Districts

Candidate Quick Look Across 5 Districts
Valley Medical Center in Renton provided a chance to meet 14 candidates who are looking to represent five legislative districts (37, 11, 5, 41, 47) of King County last Thursday, September 16.
The candidates were each given 3 minutes to express their opinions on the question of “What are your ideas to promote the economy, business and job creation in the private sector?”
The order, of which the candidates spoke and listed here, was based on seating arrangement.
John Stafford for WA House of Representatives District 37 Position 2 listed five action points, which included privatizing liquor sales and printing, reducing prison admission in favor of rehabilitation programs, significant investment in transportation, education for the long term, and others.
Tamra Smilanich for WA Senate District 37 noted the Business and Occupation Tax (B&O Tax) is hurting small businesses, the need to increase the ease of consumer spending by increasing safety, and to educate businesses of the fundaments of running a business.
Sarah Sanoy-Wright for WA House of Representatives District 11 Pos 1 said that she “is a mom… and mom knows best.” If elected, she would lower taxes for small businesses, increase exports for Washington State, and “privatize some government.”
Zack Hudgins, incumbent for WA House of Representatives District 11 Position 1, said to prioritize the budget spending on the important issues. By that, he would “protect the vulnerable… children… diverse economy… our investment.”
David Spring for WA House of Representatives District 5 Position 2 stressed the importance of restoring middle class buying power, health care, and transportation. He also favors the “bottom-up” model and reducing subsidiaries for corporations & millionaires.
Gregory Hoover for WA House of Representatives District 5 Position 1 would “use what we have that is good now,” by promoting private businesses to work with the higher education institutions. Furthermore, he would increase the quality of teachers, get rid of the B&O Tax and remove special tax exemptions, and give initiatives to green jobs and businesses.
Randy Gordon, incumbent for WA Senate District 41, had multiple answers for the question. Some of the answers he listed include keeping jobs in WA, funding capital projects, providing better transportation and child care options so people can get to work, providing incentives for job creation, occupational training, among others.
Marcie Maxwell, incumbent for WA House of Representatives District 41 Position 1, suggested prioritizing early learning and higher education, partnering with business to address their needs, resolving the B&O Tax issue, and transportation.
Peter Dunbar for WA House of Representative District 41 Position 1 also mentioned the importance of education. He however emphasized allowing businesses to “live and grow,” which includes reducing health care spending for businesses as it is “too expensive.”
Judy Clibborn, incumbent for WA House of Representatives District 41 Position 2, stated that she understands the other concerns but her expertise is in transportation. She said, “[WA needs to be able to] compete with other ports” for a thriving economy. To achieve that, she would improve transportation between Renton and Port of Vancouver – and create 800 local jobs in the process.
Steven Strader for WA House of Representatives District 41 Position 2 said that the government is only here to provide a basic framework, and blames the economic turmoil on unnecessary regulations – which he would investigate if elected.
Claudia Kauffman, incumbent for WA Senate District 47, said that she had already personally checked with businesses in Renton for their needs, in which she summarized to three items: more technical training, storefront selling, and loans.
Mark Hargrove for WA House of Representatives District 47 Position 1 would “fix out-of-control spending,” provide commute and green transportation, remove B&O Tax, decrease start-up failure rate, reduce health care mandates on businesses, and improve education.
Rodrigo Yanez for WA House of Representatives District 47 Position 2 said “real jobs for real people,” get more businesses and large companies to the area, lower taxes for companies, reform tax and regulation – especially the B&O Tax, and “privatize labor and industry.”
The B&O Tax mentioned by several of the candidates is applied to all businesses only in Washington and Ohio. The Washington State has varying tax rate as well as exemptions for different businesses. Some current exemptions include insurance business, tobacco settlement authority, certain non-profits, international banking facilities, the full list can be found in RCW Chapter 82.04.
According to the calendar on WA Secretary of State Website, normal mail ballots are to be mailed out on October 15 for the November 2 general election.

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