Valley Medical Center trauma specialist is certified

Elspeth Mann, a Valley Medical Center trauma specialist, has earned her credentials as a Certified Specialist in Trauma Registry (CSTR). Although there are 88 trauma centers in the state, Elspeth is one of only six CSTRs in Washington and the only CSTR between Seattle and Tacoma.

As a trauma specialist, Elspeth pours over Emergency Department patient files, coding injuries and mining the minutia for data. This data is then transferred to the Trauma Registry where it is used on a state, national and international scale. While the data serves to improve patient care, sometimes it creates an impetus to improve national product safety standards. The Trauma Registry data on car accidents caused by running red lights was directly responsible for designing side air bags in cars, according to Valley Medical As a result, side-impact injuries have been greatly reduced.

“Elspeth is a model for all trauma registrars,” said Mary Rotert, trauma nurse consultant for the Washington State Department of Health, Office of Community Health Services, EMS and Trauma Systems. “We have few CSTRs in our state. It is wonderful for our state and facility registry to have this preparation for registry work.”

Among the requirements for CSTR certification are at least two years of full-time experience, or the equivalent of 4,000 hours in trauma registry practice and passing a rigorous Certification Examination for Trauma Registrars.

“The data I’m inputting is helping hospitals and people around the world improve patient care—that makes my job satisfying,” says Elspeth.