Woman meets paramedics who saved her life

A runner whocollapsed and nearly died is thanking the first responders who saved her life.

Sara Clergetsaid her heart stopped beating after she crossed the finish line of the Seahawks12K last weekend.

"I wentover to a little barricade and I sat down and I put my head between my legs andthen I woke up on a stretcher," said Clerget.

Clerget wentinto cardiac arrest and other runners immediately started performing CPR.Nearby paramedics ran to her side and were able to get her heart beatingagain.

"Theykeep saying I have a perfect heart just some electrical things that just madeit stop," said Clerget.

At ValleyMedical Center, Clerget and her family met with some of the paramedics andfirefighters who treated her.

“We wereable to resuscitate her and restart her heart with a defibrillator,” saidfirefighter Andrew Plumlee.

“I’m glad wewere able to come down and meet with the family and come full circle on acall.”

Earlier thisweek, Clerget spoke with the other runners who helped her.

"How doyou say thank you to someone who saved your life, you can't say thank youenough, you can't be grateful enough," said Clerget.

The RentonFire Department credits the runners knowing CPR for helping save Sara’s life.The city offers monthly CPR classes for residents.

Clergetchecked out of the hospital this week. Her doctors implanted a defibrillatornear her heart, but she still doesn’t know exactly why her heart stopped.However, doctors told her she should be able live a normal life.