New CT Scanner Offers Significant Radiation Dose Reduction

Valley Medical Center and Valley Radiologists, Inc. invest in new technology for patient care


RENTON, WA - Valley Radiologists, Inc. P.S. and Valley Medical Center (VMC) have purchased a new state-of-the-art CT (computed tomography) scanner to help physicians reach a confident diagnoses and provide a higher level of patient care. The “Lightspeed VCT XTe” from GE Healthcare, installed at Valley Diagnostic Imaging Services on the VMC campus, offers a lower radiation dose while maintaining high quality images throughout the body.
The 64-channel helical CT scanner uses a new, advanced image reconstruction technique: ASiR (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction) that makes it possible to dramatically reduce radiation dose to patients up to 40 percent over conventional CT scanners without compromising the quality of the image. This is especially beneficial for children and young adults who are more susceptible to harm from excessive radiation exposure, and for sick people who need repeated scans.
The scanner also provides new in-depth brain and cardiac techniques that make these tests more reliable and enable doctors to have more confidence in their diagnosis.
"As experts in diagnostic imaging, Valley Radiologists always considers and monitors radiation doses of our exams.  We are advocates on limiting radiation exposure to lowest doses possible to obtain the medical information needed. We were the first radiology group in the Puget Sound to begin using radiation reducing shields over patient’s eyes, thyroid and breasts,” says Dr. Philip Lund, President, Valley Radiologists.
CT scans X-ray the body in slices and assembles the data into a three-dimensional picture. The scans are used to find tumors, complex fractures, blood clots, emphysema and clogged coronary arteries, among many other conditions.
About Valley Radiologists, Inc. P.S.
For more than 40 years, Valley Radiologists have provided patients with high quality imaging services in King County. The group formed in 1970 as a partnership between three radiologists. Today, Valley Radiologists service ten imaging sites with nearly 30 radiologists on staff. Valley Radiologists are committed to providing patients with state-of-the-art testing in a comfortable and caring atmosphere. For more information on Valley Radiologists and the safety measures in place, please visit

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