Dedicated to Keeping Kids Safe

Knowles acclaimed for her emergency preparedness work on behalf of babies & children


RENTON, WA - Suzan Knowles, RN-BC, BSN, CCAP, Nurse Manager for Valley Medical Center’s NICU and Pediatrics Mother Baby Units, has won two 2010-2011 Emergency Preparedness and Response Awards from the Executive Council of the King County Healthcare Coalition. 
Suzan was presented with an Excellence in Innovation award for her work developing the ‘Every Kid, Every Time: Color Coding for Kids Initiative’. The project included the development of a standardized education module distributed via CD to healthcare organizations throughout King County. The initiative provided an opportunity to establish and improve consistency and safety in the care of pediatric patients. Suzan’s efforts resulted in a county-wide implementation of a length-based color coding system for pediatric patients in the field, the emergency department, and the inpatient pediatric unit.
Additionally, as part of a group of healthcare professionals involved in the medical care of infants, children and adolescents in King County, the Pediatric Workgroup, Suzan received an Excellence in Collaboration award. The Pediatric Workgroup plans for optimal medical management of children in disaster situations. They received the award for acting as a strong advocate for the efficient triage of pediatric patients in large-scale disasters. To date the group has collaborated and partnered with 23 regional hospitals to increase access to pediatric services (in a disaster) by developing and integrating a “pediatric toolkit.”
“I am humbled to receive these awards. Infants and children are some of our most fragile patients. Their needs vary more than for any group we care for and therefore it’s imperative that we develop programs to address their specific needs,” said Suzan Knowles. “Using color coding for 'Every Kid, Every Time' helps the healthcare team assure that they are providing the best care possible to this very challenging group by providing for standardized medication dosing, supplies and equipment, and developmentally specific assessment information." 
Suzan and the Pediatric Workgroup will be honored at the King County Healthcare Coalition Summer Forum on August 18, 2011 at Seattle City Hall from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

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