Children's Therapy Inpatient Services and NICU Followup Clinic


Bonding, Feeding, Motor Skills: Fragile Babies Benefit fromEarly Intervention by Neonatal Therapists

Premature babies struggle with circumstances that may impactthe development of their feeding, motor, sensory and attachment systems. Whilein the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), they are cared for by a dedicatedteam of professionals—at Valley Medical Center that team includes therapistsfrom the Children's Therapy Department. Follow up care for infants discharged from the NICU is provided by Children's Therapy.

Occupational therapists, physical therapists and speechlanguage pathologists work in our NICU six days each week, collaborating withmedical staff and nurses to provide evaluation and treatment of these fragilebabies. Therapists work to improve feeding skills, promote optimal positioning,promote motor development, regulate arousal level and assist parents in bondingwith their new babies.

Our therapy staff also works to link up babies and theirfamilies to our NICU follow-up clinic for continued care after discharge. Earlyintervention and work with therapy staff in the NICU is key to promotingoverall development and outcomes for these infants.