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Take this fun little quiz for you and your children!  Find out about your "language of love", try it out, and talk about it.  You'll be amazed about what you learn !


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 develop pre-literacy and literacy skills at home

 helping children of all ages get a good night's sleep!

use of handheld devices for children

  locate an early learning center

 Tips for reducing screen time!

 The 2014 Special Needs Santa Train

 Infographic: Keep Your Child from Getting and Spreading Enterovirus D68

 Physical Therapy Month

 serious strain of respiratory illness.

 tummy time routines

DVD system that can be programmed to filter out objectionable movie content


 West Side Baby

reading from ages 12 months to 9 years

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  • Open Doors for Multicultural Families
  • Typical speech and language development
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  • Keep your children safe in and around shopping carts
  • Autism Insurance Support in Washington State
  • helpful information regarding young children and recommendations for screen time and physical activity!