Volunteers Who Make Your Day

VMC's Volunteers In Action (VIA) group works hand-in-hand with our Chaplain and Spiritual Care Team. Many VIA members go on with training to serve as Spiritual Care Volunteers.

Volunteer Staff – Types of Designation

  • Clergy: Ordained or recognized by a religious/spiritualist tradition
  • Chaplain: Ordained or lay-designated by accrediting associations
  • Staff: Layperson accredited to a group
  • CPE: Students in Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Volunteer Staff / Spiritual Care Services
    • On-call volunteers support patient or families in emergencies (at designated time-periods) when the hospital Chaplain is off duty
    • On-assignment volunteers do Spiritual Care Rounds with the support of the Chaplain/Coordinator for Spiritual Care Services

Requirements / Credentials – General

  • Volunteers may be ordained, lay with certification or an active CPE Student in good standing with their academic supervisor


  • Valley Medical Center has an administrative "No-Solicitation Policy" that applies to all staff, volunteers and visitors. Proselytizing is considered solicitation
  • We in Spiritual Care Services believe in open hearted welcome. We recognize patients' resources, and support and visit them without preconditions, and as medical conditions allow. All faiths, traditions and spiritual understandings are welcome: whether religious, humanist or secular. The chaplain, our volunteer clergy, our nurses and medical staff who are trained in Spiritual Clinical Skills are all part of the Spiritual healthcare team
  • In most cases, Spiritual Care Services will not arrange a pastoral visit for a patient when that visit is without the patient’s knowledge or consent


  • volunteersYour inquiry means you care about people. Companionship/ministry in a hospital is a place where simple compassion and good listening is essential. However you configure your faith, spirituality or philosophy, we want your time with us to be rewarding. That's what it's all about
  • The contributions of the time and talent of our Spiritual Care Volunteers is invaluable: we could not operate without them. We cannot guarantee your satisfaction. We can only promise to support you and give guidance and order where necessary

An Invitation

If you are interested in pursuing a spiritual services volunteer position with us at VMC, contact the Chaplain/Coordinator for an initial interview at 425-228-3440, ext. 5859 or email the Chaplain. For more information about volunteering for another position at Valley Medical Center, call the Volunteer Services Department at 425.656.4031 ext. #3.

Learn more about Volunteers In Action (VIA).

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