Carolyn's Hip Replacement

Practicing Yoga and Playing Hard Again

Carolyn, an anterior approach hip replacement patient, is no novice when it comes to hip replacement. Years of running on pavement and teaching aerobics on hard surfaces wore out her hips. “I had lots of hip pain, but I didn’t let it slow me down too much—I just took lots of medication. But I didn’t like having all that medication in my system,” she says.

Carolyn had her first hip replacement five years ago at age 57 at another hospital and experienced extreme swelling and discomfort. “The first hip replacement was a horrible experience,” she recalls. In November 2010, Carolyn had her other hip replaced, this time at The Joint & Spine Center. “At The Joint Center, it was great,” she says. “I was up and walking around with one crutch the day after my surgery. The doctors and nurses are wonderful—always friendly and smiling. The food was delicious. And they let me sleep through the night, instead of waking me up every hour. In comparison, it felt like a vacation at The Joint Center,” says Carolyn.

“The second time around, I had the anterior approach replacement. I totally recommend it over the posterior approach—I can move so much better and had a much easier recovery. I am back to my weight training classes, Zumba, yoga, playing with my grandsons and hiking trails with my husband. I am living without pain now,” says Carolyn.