John's Knee Replacement

My Swing is Better than Ever!
“I’m 58 and I love golf. But during the past few years, the increasing pain in my left knee significantly impacted my enjoying the game. I went from carrying my clubs, to pulling them on a cart, to limping off the course after playing only nine holes. I couldn’t stand for extended periods. I had lost the quality of life I once had.

“The first time I went to the driving range after my knee replacement surgery, I was stunned by how great my new knee felt—solid, perfectly natural, and no pain. I got back capability I had lost—I’m really appreciative. I now look forward to beach walks, travel, even doing yard work knowing that I won’t be limping at day’s end.

“At the Pre-op class, Valley Medical Center did a great job informing me of what was to come. My wife and I were able to get the house ready for my recovery, and she knew just what to expect as my caregiver. At the class, I saw a video showing some very successful joint replacement patients and I thought, ‘Those are exceptional people that had exceptionally good results.’ I am an average guy. My expectations were that my results would be good, but I didn’t expect results as significant as shown in the video. Well now I’m a believer because I’ve had the same great results.

“My stay at The Joint Center was outstanding. The staff was professional and friendly— first taking care of what needed doing, and then spending a few extra minutes to visit with me. I learned one of the nurses had a reputation for making the best root beer floats, and it was great when he delivered one to me one evening. The physical therapist was excellent, giving me confidence that I could get around when I returned home, including going up and down stairs with crutches. The pain management at Valley was also phenomenal. I never felt like I was hurting badly—fabulous! I’ve already recommended The Joint Center to my neighbor.

“I’m guessing I’ll have my other knee replaced within the next year or so—it depends on how much trouble it gives me—but I won’t hesitate to have it done!

John’s orthopedic surgeon was William Barrett, MD.