Back on the Vintage Hydro Circuit with a State-of-the-Art Knee

Back on the Vintage Hydro Circuit with a State-of-the-Art Knee

“I have always been very active and enjoyed skiing, traveling, working in our yard, participating in fund raising events for local charities, enjoying our grandson and other activities. My husband, Jim, and I are also very active with the vintage hydroplane group and follow the summer circuit when the vintage boats are doing exhibitions in the Pacific Northwest. Jim works on the crew for various boats including the Miss Wahoo and Miss Thriftway, and I work on the hospitality team making sure the crew members have food, etc. All of these activities are very fun, but it was becoming harder to participate because of my limited mobility due to osteoarthritis and knee pain.

“I have had problems with my knees for several years, including a torn meniscus on each knee and surgeries to repair my knees. In addition, my family has a history of arthritis, which I apparently got from my grandmother and father, who had knee replacement surgeries in his eighties!

“As the pain got worse, I tried various over-the-counter remedies, cortisone shots and a Synvisc shot. Nothing helped. Then last summer, my knee gave way and I fell resulting in a tibial plateau fracture. I had to wait for that to heal before I could consider a permanent fix. Then I met Dr. Barrett, who performed a total left knee replacement on March 22, 2011. The surgery went very well; I had excellent care not only by Dr. Barrett and his staff, but also at the Valley Medical Joint Center. I also appreciated the care The Joint Center took in being especially careful about infection control procedures prior to my surgery. Everyone at The Joint Center was polite, professional and very helpful during my recovery from the surgery.

“I think my recovery has gone well because I thought it best to get in shape prior to the surgery. I joined a local gym and did water aerobics for six weeks prior to surgery. As soon as Dr. Barrett okayed my return to water aerobics, I was back in the water and added exercising on a stationary bike at the gym. I still enjoy water aerobics and plan to continue my exercise program. I have also lost weight, so that has been very helpful.

“Even though I am only ten weeks out from surgery, I continue to improve each week. I have been diligent about doing the in-home physical therapy, which is extremely important in the recovery process.

"My experience with Dr. Barrett and the Joint Center has been terrific, and I am sure everything will go just as well when I have my right knee replaced hopefully in the fall.”