William's Hip Replacement Story

A Lifetime Athlete Gets Another Shot at Living Well

Football, basketball and baseball—he was a major player in high school. He stepped up to more basketball and baseball at Central Washington University, with stints at semi-pro baseball for the Seattle Pilots and the Cheney Studs. Active in his three boys’ community sports leagues and a consistent lunchtime walker, 69-year old William Minor was born to be on the go.

Three years ago, when family members started commenting on his limp, and his daily walking and monthly bowling games became too painful to continue, he sought help from Dr. Barrett on the advice of his primary physician. “I’ve always been a pretty optimistic person, but the pain was depressing. Dr. Barrett told me my right hip was bone-on-bone. No wonder I was in so much pain!”

After William’s hip was replaced, he dedicated himself to physical therapy and quickly regained his strength and agility. “Afterward, the pain was so much less than what I had previously experienced. And those exercises they tell you to do, do them! The doctor can perform the surgery, but the rest is up to you.”

“I’ve been most surprised at how well I’m able to do what I want to do. I’m walking two miles a day again with no limp. Bowling. Washing and waxing my car. I can be an amateur photographer again and be on my feet three to fours hours at a time. That’s fantastic for me. Dr. Barrett gave me my life back!”

“I would absolutely recommend Dr. Barrett and I already have. He’s the miracle worker.”