Grief Support Resources

Grief over the loss of a loved one can be a very difficult time. The landscape of your life will look different and familiar at the same time. It is during a time like this that you may need the support of others. Joining a support group is a healthy first step foward in the grieving process.




 What to Expect

The groups we recommend let you ease into a support group at your own pace. Some groups have religious programs that you may also find to be a comfort. Confidentiality, consistent attendance, and the caring support of your fellow group members is best for your healing experience. We recommend you avoid groups that have confrontational therapy or analysis.

Cost for Groups

Some are free and some have fees that vary in cost. Ask before you get started.

In-House Support

Printed information is available in the hospital at the front desk of the third floor lobby, or in brochure racks throughout the hospital’s main campus.

Outside Resources

At VMC, we believe that caring and attentive listening creates an atmosphere of openness and acceptance for your grief. We want to prepare you for healing and understanding. Spiritual Care Services of Valley Medical Center is your resource for information on bereavement groups in South King County, including but not limited to the following areas of concern:

  • General bereavement/loss
  • Survivors of cancer
  • Grieving parents
  • Loss of spouse/partner
  • Youth grief support
  • Hospital-based depression care/support

Local Bereavement Support Groups:

Grief Works

Healing Center-Seattle

Holy Spirit Grief Support Group

Hospice of Seattle Bereavement Services
Parents Support Group 206.523.8787

St Stephen’s Grief Support Group
253.631.1940 On-line Services

Bereavement Support and Resources at VMC is offered by Valley Medical Center, Division of Patient Care Services, from the Coordinator for Spiritual Care Services. This service is facilitated in partnership with the Volunteers in Action of Valley Medical Center, Renton, Washington.