COHE Contacts



Health Services Coordinators

  • Ellen Hull, MEd, CRC:   Email | Ph: 425.656.5438
  • Heather Latvala, MEd, CRC:  Email | Ph: 425.656.5438
  • Kathryn Visser, MEd, CDMS:  Email | Ph: 425.656.5438

Occupational Health Services | Valley Medical Center

  • Project Director -  Grace Casey:  Email
  • Medical Director - Dennis Stumpp, MD:  Email
  • Assistant Medical Director - Karen Nilson, MD:  Email
  • Community Outreach - Grace Casey:  Email 
  • Community Outreach - Maria Dakan:  Email
  • Administrator of Clinic Network - Paul Larson: Email 

L&I Contact List

  • Manager, Occupational Health Services - Diana Drylie, MHA
  • COHE Program Director - Morgan Wear
  • COHE Contract Manager - Aaron Hoffman
  • Medical Director - Gary Franklin, MD, MPH
  • Associate Medical Director for Chiropractic - Bob Mootz, DC
  • Manager, Health Services Analysis - Janet Peterson
  • Manager, Specialty Best Practices - Carole Horrell


Business and Labor Advisory Board – is comprised of appointed members representing the local business and labor communities who provide advice, guidance and consultation to the COHE. Business and Labor representatives chair the committee for annual terms on an alternating year basis. This board meets on a quarterly basis and reports to the Workers Compensation Advisory Committee – Healthcare Subcommittee.

Community Outreach Committee – is responsible to recruit participants to the project and to enhance communication among the medical providers, workers’ compensation insurers, workers, workers’ representatives and employers. Grace Casey and Maria Dakan are the Account Managers assigned to community outreach for the COHE.

Quality Assurance / Health Services Committee – evaluates processes and assures compliance with the best practices and methods being assessed in the COHE. In addition to the director and medical director, this committee is comprised of Health Services Coordinators from the COHE and L&I staff including the COHE Contract Manager and other L&I staff as identified based on the quality issues being addressed. This team meets quarterly.