Doctor with Injured Worker

Benefits of Becoming a COHE Attending Provider

One of the goals of the COHE is to improve clinical expertise in the management of occupational health injuries and disabilities in the provider population. One of the way this is accomplished is by educating providers in occupational health best practices. 

Benefits of participating

Provider's participating in the COHE are entitled to access resources such as special and enhanced billing codes and free Continuing Medical Education (CME). Additional resources for COHE providers include:

  • Claim assistance from the COHE Health Services Coordinators (HSC). 
  • Access to COHE Advisors, including specialist who agree to see injured workers for consultations or provide phone consultation services. 
  • Training in occupation health best practices. Assistance in implementing occupational health best practices in your office(s).

Who can participate?

To qualify for incentives, an attending provider serving patients in the COHE catchment area must have an active L&I provider number and be a part of the L&I Medical Provider Network (MPN). The attending provider must also submit a Supplemental Provider Application.

Interested in Participating?
Please contact Renton COHE at Be sure to include your name and phone number where you can be reached.

What are the Occupational Health Best Practices?

  • Submit a complete Report of Accident (ROA) within 2 business days or less so that claims can be opened quickly.
  • Complete an Activity Prescription Form (APF) on the first office visit or when the patient's restrictions change so that you, the patient, their employer and the claim manager are all on the same page.
  • Two-way communication with the employer of injury.  For additional information click here.
  • Contacting your HSC to assist with return-to-work plans and any barriers to return-to-work. For additional information click here.

Other Related Claims Forms

Provider Level Performance Measure Reports

L&I publishes COHE Provider Level Performance Measure Reports on a quarterly basis.  The measures and statistics are calculated with claim and billing data available in the L&I's data warehouse.  Please contact an HSC to obtain information regarding how you are doing measuring up to the occupational health best practice targets.