Injured Worker



If You Are Injured

When an injury or occupational disease occurs on the job, it can be confusing.  Some of the most frequently asked questions by those who have been injured on the job are where do I go and what do I do.  The first step is to find a provider within the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) Medical Provider Network (MPN) that can offer treatment and file a claim.

Here are some helpful links to L&I's web site that will provide additional information:

Injured At Work

Getting Back To Work

What COHE Means To You

Find a Participating Provider

There are over 200 COHE providers in the Renton COHE.  Search now to find a COHE provider.


Medical Provider Network (MPN)

In January 2013 as a result of legislation passed in 2011, L&I launched a statewide network for providers who treat injured workers.  In order to treat injured workers beyond the initial office or emergency room visit, a provider must be enrolled in the MPN.  This includes providers who treat those employed by self-insured businesses.  All COHE providers are enrolled in the MPN. For additional information regarding the MPN, please visit L&I's web site or click here: 

MPN Common Questions


 Health Services Coordinators (HSC)

The COHE provider you select as your attending provider has an HSC that works directly with them on your individual claim.  HSC's serve as care coordination resources and assist to facilitate return-to-work efforts with providers, employers, unions and the Workers' Compensation system.

If you have questions, your provider may recommend you talk with an HSC or the HSC may contact you directly.

Contact a HSC

  • Ellen Hull, MEd, CRC
    Email | Ph: 425.228.3440 x 3254
  • Heather Latvala, MEd, CRC
    Email | Ph: 425.656.5438
  • Kathryn Visser, MEd, CDMS
    Email | Ph: 425.656.5438

COHE Advisors

COHE advisors are providers who are experts in their specific field and occupational best practices.  They also help mentor COHE providers.  Your provider may refer you for a consultation with a COHE advisor.  For a list of COHE advisors click here.