Natalie Hurst (

Natalie Hurst attended the University of Florida College of Pharmacy where she received her PharmD and Certificate in Personalized Medicine. She is looking forward to continuing to grow in her pharmacy career with current interests in ambulatory care and oncology. When not at work, Natalie spends a lot of time exploring the area and hiking. She also enjoys traveling, playing music, and trying out new hobbies, such as woodworking, soap-making and many other DIY projects.

Why I chose Valley Medical Center?

“Even through the virtual interview process, I was drawn to the welcoming environment and culture of Valley. It stood out to me as a supportive community with a variety of available rotation experiences and preceptors that are engaged and dedicated to helping residents grow into independent and well-rounded pharmacists.”                

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Janice Lau (

Janice Lau attended the University of Washington School of Pharmacy where she received her PharmD and Plein Certificate in Geriatrics. She is interested in ambulatory and critical care, planning to explore more in these areas at Valley Medical Center. In her free time, Janice enjoys cooking/baking, playing card/board games, and spending time with family and friends. 

Why I chose Valley Medical Center? 

"Valley has been greatly known for its welcoming environment and dedicated teams to provide patient-centered care. What drew me even more is how invested the preceptors are in your learning and progress towards your goals. I was looking for a residency program that provided a strong community and opportunities to explore practice in different areas. Valley consistently excels my expectations by challenging me to build my confidence and development as a well-rounded clinical pharmacist."

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Edward Mercer (

Edward John Mercer Jr, aka Eddie, attended Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy where he received his PharmD. Eddie is interested in critical care, ambulatory care, and transitions of care with ambitions to provide excellent patient-centered care. Eddie was born and raised in El Paso, Texas and is open to wherever the GPS of Life takes him to next. He enjoys watching any type of sporting event, exploring nature, and trying to immerse himself in whatever opportunity comes forth.

Why I chose Valley Medical Center?

“I chose Valley because of the wide variety of practice settings I could encounter in a 12-month period, and how this availability of learning experiences would propel me to my goal of providing excellent patient centered care. Additionally, I have always wanted to explore the world outside of Texas and being able to spend, at minimum, a year in the beautiful state of Washington was an opportunity I could not pass up on.

 Tyrone Zhang

Tyrone Zhang (

Tyrone Zhang attended the University of Washington School of Pharmacy where he received his PharmD. He is interested in family medicine, emergency medicine, and transitions of care and plans to pursue a PGY-2 residency in ambulatory care. When Tyrone is not actively involved in patient care, he is actively involved in skiing, hiking, fishing, and playing with his 2 cats.

Why I chose Valley Medical Center?

“Pharmacy is a challenging career that demands time, energy, perseverance, and trust. Time after time, I have been positively influenced by the progressive multidisciplinary team at Valley. As a student, my preceptors were outstanding role models that shaped me for success. All the other providers I worked with were forward-thinking and treat pharmacy as a vital part of the team. For these reasons, I chose to devote myself into becoming a better pharmacist by continuing to work with the exceptional team at Valley.”