Caregiver & Leader Commitment

We are Valley | We are ALL Caregivers


Leadership Commitment

To show my commitment to my team, I will:
Make the teams I serve my HIGHEST PRIORITY, empowering them to excel every day.


  • Live our mission, vision & values
  • Lead with integrity
  • Model the Caregiver Commitment

I will inspire EXCELLENCE

  • Focus on outstanding quality
  • Sponsor innovation
  • Inspire change
  • Recruit & retain the best & the brightest
  • Create high performing teams
  • Pursue the Quadruple Aim

I will strive for

  • Invest in staff development, advancement, resources & recognition
  • Create space & tools to support continuous process improvement
  • Make the right thing to do the easy thing to do
  • Ensure strong margins to support a strong mission

I will create & sustain GREAT CULTURE

  • Promote a joyful, fun & nimble workplace where everyone is a caregiver
  • Foster a culture of safety through justice, transparency & ownership
  • Place our patients at the center of our decisions
  • Celebrate & value open communication & the diversity of our team


Caregiver Commitment

To show my commitment to our patients, I will:

UWM-VMC Patients Are First logoMake the people I serve my HIGHEST PRIORITY by placing their needs first. I believe that we deliver the best care when all members of the team are treated with respect by demonstrating commitment to the following Values and Service Culture Guidelines:

I will treat people with
Respect & Compassion

  • Acknowledge others sincerely & warmly
  • Introduce myself by name
  • Explain my role & speak in ways that are easily understood
  • Listen carefully
  • Close every encounter with a respectful acknowledgement, such as “Thank you”
  • Discuss care in an appropriate, confidential setting
  • Ask permission before entering a patient’s room by knocking. Use doors, curtains & blankets to create a more private environment
  • Access only appropriate, confidential patient information relevant to my job
  • Address inappropriate behaviors in a confidential, constructive manner

I will embrace Diversity, 
Equity & Inclusion

  • Respect & acknowledge differing values & opinions
  • Ask each person how they would like to be addressed
  • Recognize that body language & tone of voice are integral to effective communication
  • Adapt my communication style to the person/situation

I will encourage
Collaboration & Teamwork

  • Promote interdisciplinary & interdepartmental cooperation
  • Treat others with courtesy, honesty & respect even in challenging situations
  • Be sensitive & empathetic to the needs of others
  • Assume positive intent
  • Recognize that I am an ambassador for UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center

I will promote Innovation

  • Offer creative solutions to identified problems
  • Remain open to new ideas & possibilities
  • Continue to learn by seeking new knowledge
  • Follow evidence-based & best practices

I will expect Excellence

  • Promote our mission, vision & values
  • Help those in need until their issues are resolved, or a colleague has assumed responsibility
  • Take personal responsibility for keeping our environment clean & safe
  • Recognize & encourage positive behavior
  • Offer assistance to people who appear lost