Notice of Data Incident from CaptureRX

CaptureRx helps administer pharmacy relationships with many outside pharmacies to help us deliver cost effective solutions for patients.

Protecting the privacy of our patients’ health information is a top priority. We have been notified of a data incident that occurred with one of our pharmacy vendors, CaptureRX. To-date we have no evidence that your information has been accessed or misused however we want to provide you with information about what happened, what steps were taken in response and resources available to help protect your information.

CaptureRX Notice of Data Inciden & Steps You Can Take to Protect/Monitor Your Information

List of affected providers:

For More Information. CaptureRx has established a dedicated assistance line at 855.654.0919 (toll free), Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm, Eastern Time

To reach Patient Relations at Valley, please email us or call 425.690.3403.