North Benson Urgent Care Returns to Service

This is an update to the communication we shared with you on April 2 about significant disruptions in service our patients, providers and staff were experiencing, causing us to take a temporary pause for in-person visits at North Benson Urgent Care.

North Benson serves a diverse and vulnerable population and has a long and deep commitment to equitable access to care. Nearly 50% of the people we care for are Black, Asian and People of Color. In addition, it has been a designated upper respiratory/COVID evaluation and care clinic throughout the pandemic. When others closed their doors to potential COVID patients, North Benson Urgent Care continued to welcome all in our community.

It is vitally important to our urgent care team and to our community that we continue serving those who rely on us for care and we are proud to announce North Benson Urgent Care has returned to service. Thank you to the teams across our organization who are supporting the many workflow enhancements, security resources, and process improvements necessary to create an environment that can provide safe and equitable care for everyone in our community.