Domestic Violence

Help With Domestic Violence

In Washington state in 2000, approximately 6% of childbearing women reported physical violence by a husband or partner around the time of pregnancy (12 months prior to pregnancy through 3 months postpartum).

If you have any concerns, let your physician or healthcare provider know. He or she will help you in any way possible that is acceptable to you.

Or, call one of these numbers:

  • Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline 800.562.6025
  • DAWN (Domestic Abuse Women's Network) 425.656.7867
  • King County Crisis Line 206.461.3222
  • Protection Order Advocacy Program 206.205.7406
  • Refugee Women's Alliance 206.721.0243
  • Chinese Information Service Center 206.624.4062
  • Seattle Indian Health Board 206.324.9360
  • Asian Pacific Islander Women & Family Safety Center 206.467.9976
  • Korean Community Counseling Center 206.784.5691