Baby's 2nd Trimester

What's Happening to Baby

  • Month 4. Baby moves, kicks, and swallows. Length is 8-10 inches and weight about 1/3 pound.
  • Month 5. Baby is more active and sleeps and wakes at regular intervals. Skin is red and wrinkled and covered with fine, soft hair.
  • Month 6. Eyelids begin to part, and the eyes open. Baby grows to 14–15 inches and to 2½ pounds.

 Tips for Baby's Health

  • At regular visits, your doctor will monitor baby's heartbeat and growth.
  • Thinking about baby's arrival ahead of time will help you decide about breastfeeding and other important issues.
  • As you prepare the nursery for your baby, consider safety issues around your house.
  • Most pregnancies go smoothly, but possible complications include toxemia and fetal-growth abnormalities. Know the signs of a late miscarriage and other warning signs that call for immediate medical attention.

How Valley Medical Center Can Help