Baby's 3rd Trimester

What's Happening to Baby

  • Month 7. Baby can open and close eyes and suck a thumb. Responds to light, sound, and exercise by kicking and stretching.
  • Month 8. Rapid brain growth continues. Baby can kick strongly and roll around. You may notice the shape of an elbow or heel against your belly.
  • Month 9. Baby reaches full-term, with mature lungs. Baby is too big to move around much. Baby settles into position to be born, usually head down and resting lower in the pelvis.

Tips for Baby's Health

  • Office visits become more frequent generally after week 27. After week 36, your visits may include pelvic examinations to monitor the effacement (thinning) and dilation (opening) of your cervix.
  • Learn how to tell false labor from the real thing.
  • This is the time to choose a healthcare provider for your baby, one that is covered by your health insurance. Check out guidelines for choosing your baby's doctor.
  • Depending on whether you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby, get supplies you need, such as maternity bras or formula and bottles.
  • Get a car seat for the trip home from the hospital—state law requires it.
  • If you're expecting a boy, consider whether to have him circumcised. Find out whether your health insurance covers it.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends all infants be screened for hearing loss. Before delivery, verify whether your insurance carrier covers a hearing screen for a normal, healthy newborn.

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