Multi Disciplinary Breast Clinic

Your entire breast cancer care team, in one visit, to create a personal care plan for you.  

 Multidicsciplinary Breast Clinic VideoOur breast multidisciplinary clinic (MDC) brings providers from   different specialties together to collaborate with each patient   to design a coordinated, comprehensive and personalized plan   of care using nationally recognized best practice guidelines. 

 A process that might otherwise take weeks or months and       involve multiple visits for the patient is completed in a single   day – allowing treatment to begin quickly.

 Specialists in Oncology, Surgery, Radiation, Genetics spend   time independently with each patient to explain treatment   choices, encouraging questions and active participation.  By the conclusion of the MDC visit, patients have every appointment and treatment scheduled and are able to begin down their path of care. Throughout the process, our Nurse Navigators offer individualized support to patients,    assisting with questions and concerns, scheduling appointments as they arise, and provides education and          resources to facilitate informed decision making and timely access to quality health and psychosocial care throughout all phases of care.

Your Breast Cancer Care Team Includes:

Medical Oncologist      Radiation Oncologist
Breast Surgeon Breast Radiologist
Pathologist Genetic Counselor
Social Worker Nutritionist
Occupational Therapist                  Oncology Nurse Navigator