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Janee's Story

Janee Breast Cancer Survivor 

“Right before Christmas, I discovered a lump (on my breast). I just had my mammogram in May, so I was thinking it was nothing. I had had lumps before, but they didn’t amount to anything. My mom convinced me to go to the doctor to have it looked at. An ultrasound at Valley’s Breast Center led to a biopsy, and in January I discovered it was breast cancer.”

— Janee, patient
VMC's Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic 

Valley Medical Center's Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic brought Janee's specialists together to fast-track her treatment. A process that might otherwise take weeks was completed  in a single day, so that Janee's treatment could begin quickly.

Shannon_Markegard_MDA doctor with a mission

Shannon Markegard, DO, a VMC Family Medicine physician, has experienced both the heartache of a late stage breast cancer diagnosis within her family as well as the victory of early detection.

"My recommendations are influenced by personal experience: My mom died of breast cancer at age 38 and I have numerous patients diagnosed with breast cancer in their 30's and 40's who have beaten this disease. I want to find this cancer early so women have a greater chance of surviving.

"Along with most healthcare providers, I'll continue to recommend annual screening mammograms starting at age 40. Mammograms, along with clinical and self-exams of the breast, are all vital in detecting breast cancer early. For this reason, I refer my patients, as well as myself, to The Breast Center at VMC. I have full confidence in their digital mammogram equipment, technicians and expert radiologists.”