Additional Cancer Services

Clinical Pharmacy

In conjunction with the medical staff, clinical pharmacists provide intravenous nutritional support and pain management for patients in the hospital. In coordination with medical oncologists, the IV therapy team, oncology nurses and clinical pharmacy staff, VMC provides patients with a full range of intravenous and transfusion therapies, as well as supplies and infusion pumps, 24 hours a day.


Rehabilitation is available to inpatient and outpatient cancer patients through Occupational, Physical, Speech, and Children's Therapy and the Lymphedema Management program. The goal of Rehabilitation Services is to maintain or increase a patient's ability to remain independent in self-care, mobility and communication for as long as possible. The department helps with discharge planning to ensure a safe return home, with appropriate resources, and to teach family members how to provide appropriate assistance to the patient.

Enterostomal Therapy

Education and support are provided to individuals who have undergone bowel or bladder surgery that results in changes in elimination, as well as to individuals who have draining wounds, pressure sores and other skin problems requiring ongoing management.

Nutritional Guidance

A dietitian is available to provide counseling regarding dietary problems related to cancer and cancer treatment. Services are provided at VMC's Diabetes Education & Nutrition Clinic in Kent.

Home Health Agencies

Healthcare support services are offered to oncology patients in their homes upon recommendation of and under the guidance of the patient's physician. Home care services are administered by an interdisciplinary team that includes nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, social workers, home health aides and enterostomy therapists. Services can be provided on an intermittent home visit basis or hourly. The home care team provides information and instruction to help the family or caregiver manage pain, disease symptoms and treatment side effects. The goal of home care is to return the patient to the highest level of functioning, or to make the patient as comfortable as possible through the end of life.