About Your Radiation Oncology Treatment Team

Front Desk  

Our friendly patient access associates greet you when you check in at the radiation oncology building. During the course of your treatment here, they assist with insurance verification, appointment scheduling, medical record requests, record maintenance, and with arranging transportation for your appointments with other units within the hospital.


Our registered nurses (RNs) have specialized education and training in the care of cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment. They also support patients' families and loved ones. Throughout your journey, the nursing staff monitors your physical and emotional well-being and helps you and your family understand your treatment plan—the type of therapy, what to expect, timelines, and how to manage potential side effects. They're available with tips to help improve your comfort level and with referrals for outside resources, as needed.


The radiation oncologists here at Valley Medical Center are board certified physicians who specialize in radiation therapy and the treatment of cancer. The radiation oncologist oversees all aspects of the radiation treatment. This includes prescribing appropriate radiation therapy, creating a custom plan for each patient, ensuring adherence to quality-control protocols and working with you to manage your side effects. In addition, our doctors communicate with your referring physicians so that they understand your radiation plan and treatment timelines. 

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What does "board certified" mean?

Radiation Therapists

Registered radiation therapists (RT) administer your daily radiation treatments using the prescription and treatment plan prescribed by the physicians, working closely with the doctors during your entire treatment course. They also perform daily quality-assurance inspection of treatment machines to ensure your treatments are administered safely and correctly.

Therapist Team 

Medical Physicist

A medical physicist makes sure equipment is calibrated and operating properly to protect the patient, care takers and medical staff from radiation exposure. Our board certified medical physicists work closely with doctors and dosimetrists in creating your custom treatment plan, including determining optimal body positioning, both for your comfort and ease of reproducibility. A physicist also checks every chart and every plan as part of our ongoing quality assurance and is responsible for the daily, monthly and yearly equipment inspections that assure we comply with state and federal regulations governing the medical administration of radiation.


In collaboration with the radiation oncologist, medical dosimetrists work closely with our medical physicists to determine the proper radiation dosage needed and optimal location of treatment on a patient's body in order to shrink or eliminate tumor growth. Our dosimetrists are board certified. 

Oncology Social Worker

The oncology social worker's role is to provide psychosocial care for oncology patients, families, caregivers, and their community. Such care can encompass transportation issues, workplace issues, emotional support, education materials, family issues and securing assistance at home. The oncology social worker works primarily with outpatients and accepts referrals from multiple departments within the medical center.   

Dietitian with patientRegistered Dietitian

A registered dietitian promotes good health through proper diet. Our dietitian recommends a therapeutic diet to aid in the treatment of disease, and provides nutrition assessment, interventions and counseling for any individual—and their loved ones—undergoing radiation therapy.