Diabetes Education Workshop at Lifestyle Medicine

Please ask a member of your Care Team for a referral or contact us at 425.656.5377 to attend the workshops lead by our registered dietitians.

Calibrating Carbs 
Not sure what to eat? Afraid you have to give up favorite foods? Carb counting is an important “tool of the trade” and can help you fit a wide variety of foods into your meal plan. We will also debunk some common food myths for people with diabetes.

Essentials for Controlling Diabetes 
Diabetes is a call to action. It is a complex metabolic disease, and needs to be taken seriously. Research tells us that tight control of blood sugars prevents complications while poor control contributes to them. This workshop provides you essential information for tight diabetes control, with an empowering perspective that allows us to embrace our diabetes journey with a fresh approach!

Take Eating to Heart 
If you are unsure how to balance carbs, fat, salt, and calories this class will teach you how to eat a heart healthy diet aiming to keep your blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight at normal levels.

Obliterating Obstacles 
Ever wonder how some people stay so motivated with their healthy lifestyle? Does managing your diabetes have you feeling burned out? If you are struggling to change habits, this workshop will explore all the obstacles of having diabetes and provide helpful strategies on how to overcome them.

Meal Mapping 
Not sure where to start on your journey to healthier eating? Come learn fun, practical ways to make healthy eating and meal planning fit your lifestyle and health goals.

Movin’ on Up! 
No matter where you are starting from, physical activity can be fun and rewarding! This workshop will discuss how exercise can help promote weight loss and improve your blood sugar control, as well as practical ways to get started.

E-tools for Success 
In the day and age of technology, we are always looking for tools to make our lives easier. Learn which e-tools and online resources are helpful and safe, as well as red flags of online resources to stay away from.We will also explore how to use apps and other e-tools to help you plan, track, and motivate you towards better health and blood sugar control.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine 
Healthy eating can go far beyond counting calories. Real foods are full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and compounds necessary for health and vitality! This seminar will provide valuable information to embrace healthy eating and understand why Hippocrates, the father of medicine, proclaimed “Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine thy food!”