Healthy Foundations  

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      Healthy Foundations is a lifestyle modification program that will help you feel healthier, lighter, and more fit. Evidence shows that the best option for improving your health and reducing your risk of future illness is a structured program of physical activity as well as a change in nutrition. Join a program that encompasses all aspects of healthy living. We take an advanced approach to nutrition and exercise with our expert staff guiding you every step of the way. Instead of calorie restriction and spending endless hours at the gym, our focus is to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.  

      Our Healthy Foundations program takes the guesswork out of fitness with a customized program to meet you where you are on your path to wellness. With the help of our expert healthcare providers, Pinnacle Medical Wellness and Valley Medical Center have teamed up to offer an intensive, 16-week lifestyle modification program to help you get strong, healthy,  and build positive lifestyle habits.  


What is included in the Healthy Foundations program?

  •     1:1 Nutritional counseling
  •     Meal Planning
  •     Physical therapy evaluation, consultation and treatment
  •     Prescriptive exercise program with biometric measurements and SMART goal setting
  •     4 month Fitness Center membership at any of our Lifestyle Medicine locations 
  •     Grocery store tour and restaurant field trip
  •     Group support and education series

How long is the program?

   Healthy Foundations is a 16-week lifestyle modification program that addresses Food Education,  Lifestyle Modification & Goal Setting, Exercise as Medicine, and Psychology of Eating. 

How much does it cost?

   The price varies based in your insurance benefits / plan coverage. We also offer financial insurance, insurance subsidy and payment plans. Participants’ fee will be a minimum of $500 and can total up to $1500, which can be made in payments. 50% of the fee is due prior to the start date, with the remaining amount deducted with arrangements with the Healthy Foundations Coordinator. In addition, you will be responsible for any co-pays, co-insurance, and insurance deductibles, in addition to any out of pocket cost according to your insurance benefits. 

Who will I be working with? 

    A team composed of Dietitians, Physical Therapists, and Exercise Specialists will be helping you on your journey. Our Dietitians will coach you through the program with nutrition therapy, not only find what tools will best react with your body type or medical conditions, but they will also give you the tools and resources to help prepare you for success. Our Physical Therapists will help you identify imbalances in your body. As you increase your activity you avoid injury, and have a comprehensive understanding of your bodies mechanics. And lastly, our Exercise Specialists are the experts in movement. They will create exercise programs for you and adapt it to your progress. 

To Register:

 Phone: 425.690.3520 

Fax: 425.690.9520


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Lifestyle 365    

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    We believe exercise is medicine, in the same way you would allow your doctor to prescribe you medication, allow our experts in exercise to prescribe the right types of exercises. With the correct dosage and frequency, exercise can have a tremendous impact on the body. Lifestyle 365 has been created to provide its members with programming that takes the guesswork out of fitness. No longer will you go to the gym unsure of where to start. Time is precious and we ensure our members receive a quality thought out plan, to achieve tremendous fitness results based on your goals.  

     Members will receive full access to their ES through the MyWellness cloud, with monthly biometric assessments and progress evaluations. In addition to the exercise prescription, Lifestyle 365 members will receive access to our monthly nutrition workshop in which members can ask questions about diet and nutrition and receive advice from our Registered Dietician at no additional fee.

    Lifestyle 365© includes the Technogym® SmartKey, which delivers your fitness program with recommended durations and speed, along with strength training volumes and intensities. Your assigned Exercise Specialist will provide you with extensive training on the SmartKey and the Technogym® equipment included in your workout. 

What assessments are involved?

      Lifestyle 365© begins with screening and assessment which involve baseline measurements of: Height & Weight, Body Composition, Blood Pressure, 7-site Circumference Measurement, Aerobic Capacity as well as Strength and Flexibility. SMART Goals are also assessed, ensuring that you are continually progressing toward and meeting your goals.


How do I get started? 

    Sign up at the front desk of the Valley Lifestyle Medicine & Fitness Center, located on the first floor of the Talbot Professional Center (4011 Talbot Road South Renton, WA 98055) and tell the wellness coordinator that you want to sign up for Lifestyle 365©!  


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Diabetes is common, chronic, and controllable! Lifestyle Medicine has created a program to implement healthy lifestyle changes to help you successfully manage your diabetes.

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