Chest Pain Services

Dial 9-1-1 if you or someone you love is experiencing chest pain.

Experiencing a heart event or discovering you have a heart condition can be frightening. Valley Medical Center’s team of highly trained emergency medicine physicians and cardiologists provide 24/7 hospital emergency coverage for patients with chest pain and other acute heart-related conditions.

In addition, Valley's 24-hour Chest Pain Clinic, helps identify patients who may be having a heart attack but do not have the usual symptoms. Patients are referred through either our Emergency Department or from a cardiologist. The key to successfully treating a heart attack is early detection and treatment. The Chest Pain Unit is set up for patient observation and to help cardiologists determine the appropriate course of treatment.

To recover and make changes for a heart-healthy future takes courage, stamina and willpower, along with the latest advances in medical care. Valley is proud to offer patients a comprehensive approach to managing heart conditions through early detection, treatment, lifestyle adjustment and appropriate use of advanced medical technology, testing and treatment.