Less Invasive Joint Replacement

Painful, aching joints can signal the onset of arthritis. It often starts with periods of stiffness in the joint, but over time it may progress to constant pain, even with minimal movement. Traditional knee and hip joint replacements have brought welcome relief for hundreds of thousands of people with arthritis.

Over the last several years, surgeons have developed less invasive procedures for joint replacement surgery. For hip replacements, this involves making a 4-5 inch incision either in the back or the front of the hip. Smaller incisions in combination with improved pain management and accelerated rehabilitation have made recovery from joint replacement surgery easier and with less pain.

Replacement of the knee is also done through smaller incisions. No muscles are divided but regaining range of motion requires hard work on the part of patients. Partial or unicompartmental knee replacement is done through a small incision and usually only requires an overnight stay.

At The Joint Center at Valley Medical Center, we continuously evaluate new, promising techniques, but we are also committed to making sure our patients have excellent results over the long term. We evaluate each patient on a case-by-case basis, and we will consider all available options, including less-invasive replacements, computer-assisted techniques, and traditional joint replacement surgery.

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