Rehabilitation After Joint Replacement

While recovering at The Joint Center, a physical therapist will work with you to review precautions, teach you exercises, show you how to correctly sit at the edge of your bed, get in/out of bed, on/off the toilet and in/out of the car. You will start with a walk and gradually increase your walking distance over the length of your stay. A therapist will also discuss how to appropriately carry out normal daily activities.

Discharge Planning
The discharge planning process actually begins before you are admitted. Plan to have someone drive you home from the hospital and to your first few appointments after surgery. You will need help for your first 5 – 7 days at home. Make arrangements for help at home or a place to stay. Your nurse will give you written instructions on how to care for yourself at home and will answer any questions. If you need additional help, request a visit from a hospital discharge planner before you leave the hospital. Under certain circumstances, some patients may require the care of a rehabilitation facility before they are ready to be discharged home. Should you find yourself in need of such services, Medicare's website can help you find a skilled nursing facility*:

Research and compare Medicaid and Medicare-certified skilled nursing facilities  

* The facilities listed on are neither owned nor operated by Valley Medical Center. We advise that you carefully research before selecting a facility.

Joint patient rehabilitating

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Valley Medical Center provides outpatient rehabilitation services when you need it, including physical therapy and occupational therapy. Learn more about the Rehabilitation Services department.