What Patients Have to Say

Letter written to two therapists, Marianne and Tanya
Let me tell you how you have changed our lives. If it had not been for both of you, I don’t think my dad would have recovered nearly as well. You helped him, talked to him, took care of him and loved him. You were what kept him going.
     I wanted you to know how much of a difference you both have made in our lives. Thanks to you both, you have improved the quality of my dad’s life and of my life…please know how important your work is and how you changed our lives to make them both worth living again.
Letter written to Director of Rehabilitation Services
I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the whole rehab experience and the professionalism of your staff, not just with me but everyone else I observed waiting or being treated. It’s so clear the staff is very dedicated to the service of their clients.
There are four of your staff who gave me above and beyond service I would like to recognize.
Lashonda –She put me at ease during my first few visits when I was nervous and unsure of my skills with a walker. Her friendly greeting, calling me by my first and last name with a smile after only one visit was a great reassurance I would survive. This may seem like a small gesture, but it was very reassuring to me.
Barbara—During the stormy week of January 20th…cold from no heat in the house, with little sleep and just not comfortable…rather than see me set off the across the icy parking lot to the latte stand in the MAC with my walker, Barb offered to get coffee for me herself and wouldn’t take any repayment for it. Thanks, Barb—you really made my day!
Erica and Tammy—I felt they were not just doing their jobs but genuinely concerned for my recovery. I never felt rushed as they answered all of my questions and concerns. They were personable and mixed in just the right amount of talking during and between my exercises while assuring me I was doing them correctly. They took good notes, so it didn’t matter who I had that day. They knew where I ended and where to begin the next session. It’s been a struggle to get my knee back to normal but it’s been easier because of their care.
With my thanks, BY
Letter written to Director of Rehabilitation Services
I was recently a patient after having surgery of a fractured hand. My hand therapist was Anne. I am writing to let you know what a terrific therapist she is! Anne explained everything she was doing, she took measurements before we started and progressively during my course of therapy, and showed me that she really cared about the outcome of getting my hand back to normal as quickly and perfectly as possible. She did just that...my hand is completely restored. I have complete function of my right hand, no lumps or bumps and hardly a scar…I am very grateful for the excellent job that Anne did. She is an asset to your department.
Sincerely yours,
Email from mother of Children’s Therapy patient to therapist, Amy
I would really like the chance to thank you in person and to let you know from the bottom of my heart what a blessing you were to me during the first couple of years of K.’s life. You were there to guide me as to how to feed a child that could not even have her mouth touched without gagging. You cared for K. as if she was part of your own family and you and Rachel always had K.’s best interest in mind and never made me feel like any obstacle was not insurmountable. I think the world of you and miss our weekly check-ins.