Prayer/Reflection Room

reflection_rmOn the Second Floor of the hospital, you'll find a quiet, gentle space where sunlight filters down from skylights two stories above, revealing soft colors and comfortable seating. The design of this beautiful Prayer/Reflection Room is reflective of nature. It is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual care of our patients, families and staff. Visitors of all lifestyles, cultures and beliefs are welcome. Sit, rest, pray or reflect. The space is yours to enjoy.

The focal point of the room is a Juan Carlos Castellanos painting commissioned and donated by the Volunteers In Action in April of 2003. The softness and simplicity of the work reflects the healing of earth, sea and sky. It is the most colorful and emotional place in the room. Castellanos is a national, award-winning artist with many commissions in the Seattle / South King County area.

Private Services/Gatherings

The Prayer/Reflection Room is available for private religious services, or cultural tradition or family spirituality gatherings. 

Please remember...

This is special space, a place of healing, a place of quiet and peace. Please enjoy food and recreational activities outside the room.

As a courtesy to other visitors, PLEASE TURN OFF pagers and cell phones during your visits.