Dear Grace:

We always appreciated your hard work with my mother's medical paperwork. Now we're at that point where we need to take advantage of your services. It is gratifying to know you are there for us. You did an excellent job explaining the Valley Dividend and the GoldenCare program. You are very much appreciated.


Bob & Jackie



Hi Grace,

I just wanted to thank you for helping my friend get all her Medicare coverages in order effective today.  I don't know if you knew she ended up in the hospital.  She went to the ER Tuesday night and they admitted her with pneumonia and as of today, she's still there.  She is one sick lady and without your help, I don't think she would have ended up with insurance once her work coverage ended.  So again, you do a great service and thank you from both of us.

Have a great summer and we'll be in touch this fall to review our Part D!