Caring Professionals, Comfortable Facilities and Confidence in the Treatments Helped Ralph Beat Cancer

In late 2011, I was diagnosed with an esophageal tumor. I spent two years helping my wife get through her cancer treatments at Valley and during that time, I learned that the staff, logistics and location really set Valley apart.
During my six weeks of radiation and Infusion Center chemo treatments, it was like old home week because I knew everyone from the time I spent there with my wife. Everyone is so pleasant, upbeat and accommodating; I have total confidence in the nurses and staff; and I can’t say enough about them and the facilities. The free parking at Valley is great—I didn’t have to pay $10 to $20 to park, and I didn’t have to fight traffic and spend lots of time getting there and back.
I have to say I was sorry to see my treatments end because the nurses and staff became like family. I felt comfortable with them and I looked forward to seeing their faces each day—the people there, they care.
So glad I made this choice. Best yet—post-op pathology report shows I am now totally cancer free!