Telehealth Appointments: How to Be Prepared For a Virtual Visit With Your Provider

A telehealth appointment allows you to virtually visit with your provider for routine, non-emergency care from the comfort of home! Join Todd Curtis, MD, from Valley’s Covington Primary Care Clinic and Allison Warmington, PA-C from Valley’s General & Surgical Specialists Clinic as they answer the what’s, why’s, and how’s of a telehealth visit.Watch the video.

Here are the topics covered in the video in this Q/A:

What do you need for a telehealth appointment with a provider?

  • MyChart account and a smartphone, tablet or computer. For information on setting up a MyChart account read the Enrollment Questions here.
  • Quiet environment (keep kids and cats at bay).
  • Good lighting - avoid sitting with windows behind you; instead, face a bright window or light source. Consider in advance any skin conditions or wounds you might need to show your provider.

Helpful tips to get started

  • Test video and audio capability beforehand by signing in early.
  • Keep the camera at eye level.
  • Write down some questions in advance to optimize your time with the provider.

Will I see an MA or a nurse first to review my medications and medical history?

  • Some providers will have a medical assistant ( MA) or nurse call you beforehand, or they may start the video call before the provider joins the video call. Your clinic will give you instructions when you set up your appointment.

Is the clinic I usually go to doing Telehealth appointments?

  • Most of the primary and specialty care clinics are now doing telehealth visits for new patients, follow-ups, and /or postop visits.
  • Each clinic is a little different: You can call your clinic to talk with them about what's available, and what would work best for your health care condition(s) and other needs.

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Send a MyChart message to your provider or call the clinic to ask for an appointment.

Am I going to see my regular provider?

  • You will most likely see your regular provider, but if you cannot be seen by them you will see another clinician on their team.

Is telehealth secure?

  • Yes! We have a special HIPAA compliant license to ensure security.