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Progress has been Exponential since Receiving Therapy at Valley’s Children’s Therapy 

"Our son is Bernardo.  Bernardo is a funny, kind, and very sweet 4 year old. He is a former 24-weeker who weighed in at a whopping 1lb. 6 oz. at birth. He is diagnosed with autism, global developmental delays, and severe delays with expressive & receptive language. He also has a g-tube due to silent aspiration caused by the paralysis of his left vocal fold.

"We could never imagine what all he has accomplished through the help of Valley Medical Children’s Therapy Center (VMCTC).  He is now able to eat, drink, run, walk up/down stairs, hold a crayon, finish a puzzle, peddling a bike but more importantly he has learned how to give us hugs and kisses. These are all the things he is now able to do thanks to VMCTC.

"We are thankful for Christine-SLP, Diane-OT, and Melissa-PT, they are an integral part of our life. They not only care about our son but care about our family as a whole. We as parents have learned so much from them as well. They have provided us with the tools to help Bernardo succeed, the encouragement to keep us all us motivated and the wisdom to guide us through the process. Bernardo has received therapy in two other states and two other therapy centers in the state of WA, and the truth is his progress has been exponential since receiving therapy at VMCTC.

"Bernardo is our little super hero.  He has taught us the meaning of perseverance, endurance, and love. We strive to do our best for him so he can have a chance at life, a life he has fought so hard for; we have accepted his limitations but also know that his potential is limitless. We feel that with VMCTC at our side Bernardo will have a brighter future."  

With loving kindness, The M Family

Therapy Team Vital in Helping Make Independent Living Goal a Reality 

"We first arrived at Valley Medical Children's Therapy when my daughter was four years old. At that time, we did not have a diagnosis and we were treating her symptoms as she has global delays needing speech, physical and occupational therapy. There are no words to express the gratitude and appreciation I have for the team of therapists who have worked with my daughter (and recently my son) over the past eight years, especially Nichie. Nichie has been Becca's speech therapist during the past eight years and her ability to encourage and build skills in Becca that she is able to utilize both at home and in the classroom is remarkable.  

"Becca was finally diagnosed a year ago with an extremely rare genetic condition. Regardless of this diagnosis, Becca is continually pushed to achieve greatness in hopes she will one day be able to live independently; her team of therapists are vital in making this goal a reality. 

"Having spent three hours every week for almost a decade at Valley Medical Children's Therapy, the therapists and receptionists have been there through every bit of my life's adventure. Supporting and assisting in every way possible; even when there was little hope or little they could do beyond offering a hug. I've cried through life's adversity and through achievements we never thought possible with the support of Nichie and Stephanie and Bethany and the countless others who have deeply impacted our lives. I will be forever grateful and in their debt because Becca wouldn't be where she is today without them—and frankly, neither would I."


Children’s Therapy has Been a Miracle for Us: A Facility that Helps, Guides & Shows What is Best for Our Child 

My son Kristos has been seeing your therapists  since he was born. We started attending your Children's Therapy facility in Renton since he was released from the VMC NICU at 1 month old. Kristos is now 4 1/2 yrs old and has Down Syndrome. He has had physical, occupational, speech, and dietician therapy.  

This facility has been a miracle for us. He walked at 16 months old, he is forming words, he has had a tripod hold since he was 2 years old. He was able to eat solids with the dietician’s care and help at 8 months old. These are things I did not know I had to do. Without the therapists’ hard work and instructions he would if been further behind. Your facility has been a positive experience. I'm thankful for all of the therapists he has had and will have. You give parents like me hope and guidance that the future is going to hold so much more than we expected.  

To a parent like myself with a child with special needs, the VMC Children's Therapy is not just a place where I take my kid for therapy. It's a facility that I know will help us, guide us and show us what is best for our child. 


The tools Connor was able to use at the Children’s Therapy center made his physical therapy fun and extremely helpful.

" My son Connor was born three months premature and lived the first two months of his life in the NICU at Valley Hospital. From the beginning he has had issues with all of the physical skills needed to function normally and Children’s Therapy has helped us through it all. When Connor first needed the assistance of the therapy center, they began with helping him learn how to suck, eat, and use his basic motor skills—all of which he could not do on his own. As Connor grew older and he met the goals set for him when being evaluated each year, the therapy center began to focus on the finer things that needed work in his skill set. As of the present time he has come far and has almost reached the same level in ability as most other children his age. 

"Much of the improvement of my sons’ abilities are thanks to Children’s Therapy because of the process they went through to help Connor; they always worked with us to the best of their ability to help my son, especially at the hospital. The occupational therapists at the hospital helped start Connor’s improvements and we were able to leave there with most of the skills he needed to function fairly well. No other serious problems really showed up until Connor’s evaluation at nine months. The results of our visit to the Children’s Therapy center showed a deficiency in his gross motor skills which would require physical therapy. From there we received the assistance of Irene—the physical therapist who has helped Connor every step of the way. Whenever we went to the therapy center to work with Irene, Connor was always energetic and willing to work—of course in a fun environment. The tools Connor was able to use at the Children’s Therapy center made his physical therapy fun and extremely helpful. Even when we were not actually able to attend therapy, the center gave us beneficial ideas to use at home. They were always flexible with our schedule and supportive no matter the level of Connor’s capabilities at his evaluations. Overall the Children’s Therapy center has helped greatly with Connor’s abilities and he has improved much during the time they have worked with us." 

Since this diagnosis and proper treatment, Jimmy has thankfully been a normal, healthy baby!

“My nine-month old baby boy, Jimmy, was born at your hospital. We had a wonderful experience, all the nursing staff was so kind and competent. I recommend the Birth Center to everyone I talk to.

“However my sweet little Jimmy has been sick practically since birth. As a five-week old, he contracted RSV and has…had it at least five times. Our pediatrician decided that enough was enough and he ordered several tests for him to get to the bottom of things… (Amy, a Children’s Therapy speech pathologist) performed the swallow study with Dr. Lund. They were a great team, by the way. Amy was able to pinpoint the problem immediately, dysphagia. Since this diagnosis and proper treatment, Jimmy has thankfully been a normal, healthy baby!...

“Thank you for being such a safe and compassionate hospital and environment where I know I can bring my family to whatever health treatments we may receive.” / HS


NICU Follow Up Care at Children’s Therapy Creates a Life of Possibilities for Ray

Raymond was born a micro-preemie at Valley’s Birth Center. Only 1 lb., 11 oz. and 13” long—not even the length of a legal-sized sheet of paper his mother used in her work in a law office. Ray was fragile—heart valve issues, breathing problems, feeding issues.

After 102 days in Valley’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, his parents brought little Ray home. For more than 2.5 years, Valley Medical Center continued to play a crucial role in Ray’s NICU follow up care through Children’s Therapy. Ray’s therapist, Irene Bryant, PT, DPT, has seen him weekly, then twice a month and then just once a month, involving the family in Ray’s therapeutic care. “We’ve worked with Ray since he was just a baby to help him reach developmental goals, those physical milestones that are often delayed in children who were preemies,” says Bryant. “Most recently we’ve been concentrating on his motor skills, strength and balance. He is just a delightful little boy and I’m so proud of his progress. Ray met all of his therapy goals in February 2011 and no longer needs treatment.”

“Ray has received wonderful care at every step,” says his mother. “He is all boy. He loves cars and trucks and is a healthy, active, seriously normal, nearly three-year old boy with no ill effects from his premature birth. The doctors are amazed that Ray was a preemie and I say it’s all because of Valley.” / MS


A Decade of Support

When we first began therapy at Valley Medical Center's Children's Therapy, my daughter was a 1st grader without a diagnosis. Having a special needs child is difficult but a child without a diagnosis is an entirely different ballgame. When I was advocating for services, the therapists were always there for us. When I was advocating for my daughter's education, the therapists were there supporting us. When life's adversity hit hard, the therapists were there for us. When it took seven more years to get a diagnosis (a rare genetic condition called Tatton Brown Rahman Syndrome), the therapist were there celebrating with us. When my son was diagnosed with the same syndrome, the therapists were ready to help, support, advocate and celebrate just as they were for my daughter.

We are celebrating a decade at Children's Therapy and I couldn't imagine where my two special needs children would be without the support of the therapists and staff. They all played and continue to be a vital role in helping my children with their goals in education, socially and in life.

Words don't express how thankful I am.

Amazing Things

Valley Children's Therapy came at a time I really needed them. I brought my son for a speech therapy evaluation. He qualified for speech therapy and the therapist also recommended an OT evaluation. She went above and beyond to help me understand what both therapies meant. After starting both therapies my son started talking and sensory issues were worked through. He continues both therapies and is doing amazing things I know I couldn't have done on my own. The knowledge they bring is only equal to the compassion they have, not only for the patient receiving services but for the family. Thank you, Children's Therapy.


Dedication to Progress

Our 5 year old daughter has had speech issues for a long while and she would get so frustrated that people couldn't understand what she was saying. Since she started working with Barbara she has improved tremendously! We now feel confident sending her to kindergarten in the fall! Barbara's teaching style was perfect and engaging for K. So much so that K. looks forwards to our weekly appointments with Ms. Barbara. We are forever grateful to Barbara for her dedication to our daughter's progress!


Continuity of Care as Good as it Can Get

 My daughter A., (7 years old in July) has been receiving services from Valley Children's Therapy since her time in the NICU upon birth. She was born with extremely low muscle tone and a cleft palate which resulted in difficulty swallowing and a g-tube placement at 8 weeks old. Her low tone also created gross and fine motor challenges and she has been seeing Feeding/Speech, PT, and OT her entire life. It is particularly amazing to me that her Feeding/Speech therapist was the same person that saw her in the NICU all those years ago, so the continuity of care has been as good as it can get. She has had to rotate other therapists for PT and OT over the years, but all them have been world class. For a child that didn't talk till 2.5 or walk till 3, she is thriving and about to graduate mainstream kindergarten this year. I am constantly learning from her therapists - whether it's behavioral techniques like making a schedule or how to understand and explain some of her sensory-processing issues, I am profoundly grateful for the folks at Valley Children's Center.

- J.B.

Valley Children's Therapy is our Second Home

 My name is B., I am the mother to L., who is a patient at Valley Children’s Therapy. My son has been going to Valley Children’s Therapy since he was 10 months old. He will be turning 3 in October. He started off with physical therapy once a week because he was delayed with crawling. Natalie, his physical therapist, has been super amazing from the start. She worked with him every week and gave me tips on what I could do at home to help strengthen his muscles. After months of working with him in clinic and doing our physical therapy homework, he finally reached his goal and started crawling at 13 months. Natalie did not stop there with him, even though he reached his goal with crawling, she wanted to make sure he would be able to walk before his baby brother was born. So from there she set a new goal for him to learn to walk, and a couple months later he was walking by 15 months! I truly believe if he did not start physical therapy when he did, he would be way behind with his motor skills. Now when my son turned 11 months old, we noticed he was not saying any words. We did not see his pediatrician yet for his 1-year check-up, and Natalie, his physical therapist suggested we talk to his pediatrician to have him evaluated for speech therapy since kids with motor delays typically had speech delays too. So we talked with his pediatrician and she agreed. So we got my son evaluated, and began with speech services once a week. Natalie, his speech therapist, has been so amazing as well! She has come up with so many ideas to help my son be able to communicate his wants/needs, and for me and his father to be able to understand. After seeing Natalie for almost a year, she suggested we try the early intervention speech therapy to see if my son would have better progress with having therapy at home. We tried the early intervention for 4 months, but it did not turn out too well. I think my son felt uncomfortable having strangers come in his “safe place”. The therapists that came to our home did not try to understand my son, and most of the sessions my son would cry almost the entire time, and I would have to continue redirecting my son to get him to focus, while the at home therapists did nothing to try to help. After ending the early intervention services, I decided to call Natalie, his speech therapist, and let her know that it was not working out, in which she let us get back on her schedule, aimed with new tools to help my son. My son now knows how to communicate with signs and is learning to communicate with pictures, all with the help of his speech therapist Natalie. Once my son turned 18 months, we noticed my son having sensory problems. We brought up our concerns to his speech therapist, which she suggested he might need to be evaluated for occupational therapy. This was a whole new therapy that I did not fully understand. Once we got evaluated and started occupational therapy, I was able to have a better understanding of what occupational therapy is for, thanks to his wonderful therapist, Megan. Megan always answers all my questions and always has recommendations for products that my son might need which she allows us to try in therapy first to see if it would be helpful before I go and buy it. Before starting occupational therapy, my son would hardly ever sit down and play with toys, instead he would just throw them. My son would also chew on everything and anything that he could get a hold of. He also had a limited list of food items he would eat, and would not touch or play with anything that was messy. Since being in occupational therapy, Megan has helped my son learn how to play with toys, have more body awareness so he is not drooling all the time and chewing on everything, and she has also helped him learn different tactics he could use during messy activities. My son is a totally different person now, thanks to Megan’s help!

Our experience at Valley Children’s Therapy has been nothing but amazing. We recently moved thirty minutes away in January, and I still make the commute twice a week, so my son can go to the clinic. I just love how the clinic has all the therapies in one place, so I do not have to go to multiple places for my son to get the help he needs. Each therapist knows my son very well since they see him on a weekly basis, they know what his strengths and weaknesses are, and they always try their best to help with the challenges he faces. The fact that they can see him every week allows my son to be able to get help sooner since they can spot potential problems instead of waiting for his next checkup and having me ask his pediatrician. My son loves being able to play with his therapists, play on the playground, and play with all the different toys. Being able to go in clinic and have my son work on his goals with his therapists allows my son to have more opportunities since we do not have all the equipment at home that he might need to use. Not only does my son enjoy spending time at his therapy, but I also feel like I have a safe place to go where I can ask questions in regard to my son, and not feel like I am being judged. I finally feel more educated in all three therapies, which in turn helps me be a better parent to my son, all thanks to his therapists. Valley Children’s Therapy has become our second home and our extended family. I am truly grateful for the clinic and the caring therapists that work so hard with him, because without the therapies he receives, we would not be making as much progress as we are now.