The Neuroscience Institute's certified headache specialists diagnose and treat all forms of headaches from the most benign to the warning signs of a serious disease.

Headache can be categorized as primary or secondary. Headache is considered primary in the absence of a disease or medical condition. Examples of primary headache include tension headache, migraine headache, and cluster headache. Secondary headaches are caused by medical conditions, such as brain aneurysm, brain tumor, brain infection, stroke, sinusitis, neck injuries or abnormalities and sleep apnea.

Physicians and staff combine extensive experience, compassion and the latest technology in addressing health problems due to headache. The physicians at our clinic have a track record of successfully managing many conditions and alleviating suffering. Over ninety percent of patients have experienced improvement in their headaches, resulting in less time lost from work and other important activities of daily life. If you or someone you know suffer from headaches, please call us and we would be glad to help you.