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Neuro Oncology treatment may includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The nervous system cannot be radiated diffusely; therefore, radiation treatments to the brain and spinal cord must be carefully focused. This focusing is referred to as stereotactic radiosurgery

Neurosurgeons at The Neuroscience Institute are all trained in the surgical removal of tumors, have extensive experience in brain tumor resection, and administer direct chemotherapy treatment to the surgical area. When radiation is warranted in treatment, The Institute's neurosurgeons work hand-in-hand with radiation oncologists to manage focused radiosurgery and assure the best possible treatment.

Inpatient Program Description

Because Valley Medical Center was part of the FDA trial of implanted chemotherapy, the Intensive Care and Neuroscience Unit nursing personnel have extensive experience with the pre- and post-operative treatment of patients with brain tumors. Sophisitcated, on-site neuroimaging devices, including MRI and CT scanning, enable instant reevaluation at any time that reevaluation is required. The Epilepsy Clinic at Valley Medical Center also allows state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of tumor-related seizure and epilepsy conditions.

Outpatient Program Description

Chemotherapy is performed in the Infusion and Immunotherapy Center located on the main floor (3rd floor) of Valley Medical Center. Valley Medical Center's dedicated Radiation Oncology Unit, with facilities for stereotactic radiosurgery, is situated across from VMC's main entrance. The Radiation Oncology building connects to the hospital underground to provide confidential access to imaging services, if required to guide radiation therapy treatment.