Kaiser PPO Members Will be Able to Access UW Medicine After June 1 | Updates on HMO Patients

Kaiser PPO patients will have access to UW Medicine via First Choice


(SEATTLE, WA, May 20, 2021, updated June 7, 2021) - We are sharing important emerging details about the Kaiser Permanente contract that expired on May 31, 2021.

Kaiser Commercial PPO Patients will have Access to UW Medicine via First Choice
Kaiser commercial PPO members will be able to receive covered services from UW Medicine based on Kaiser’s participation in the First Choice Health Network (which is contracted with UW Medicine).

Kaiser Commercial HMO Patients Currently Engaged in Active Treatment

  • HMO patients that are inpatient the day the contract expires will be covered for those inpatient services for 90 days after under Kaiser’s continuity of care policy.
  • Likewise, we believe services provided by UW Physicians and Valley Medical Group to HMO members that began prior to expiration, will be covered for 90 days (the 90-day limit does not apply to maternity services, which may be covered longer.)
  • We believe Kaiser will honor its authorization of services for HMO patients that received an authorization before the contract expired, for services to be delivered after the contract expires (including services for transplant, obstetrics and cancer patients).

Kaiser Medicare Advantage Patients
Kaiser Medicare Advantage patients seeking non-emergency services will be referred to Kaiser for in-network options in the Kaiser HMO.

Patients will not be appointed unless Kaiser has supplied a referral and authorization to receive treatment from UW Medicine.

Kaiser Transplant Patients
We believe Kaiser will honor its authorizations for transplant services for Kaiser HMO patients presently listed or in transplant treatment with UW Medicine. Kaiser PPO patients can continue to access contracted transplant services from UW Medicine (through First Choice Health Network). Transplant patients should contact Kaiser Permanente to determine what their out-of-pocket expenses will be.

Please visit uwmedicine.org/kaiserpermanente to review our latest Frequently Asked Questions.