Bone Density (DEXA Scanning)

DEXA (bone densitometry) is an imaging study to measure bone density.  

A DEXA scan, also called a bone density scan, is a common procedure used for measuring bone loss.  It safely, accurately and painlessly measures bone density and the mineral content of bone. The patient lies comfortably on a padded table, fully clothed, while the DEXA unit scans the spine and hip -- --areas that could alter your life if you were to fracture.  A DEXA scan is a non-invasive procedure, involves no injections, and takes approximately 10-15 minutes. 

DEXA scans are available at Valley Breast Center in both our Renton and Covington locations.    

A physician referral is needed for a DEXA scan, do talk with your healthcare provider first.   
For more information, call The Breast Center at 425.690.3688.  


Screening for Osteoporosis

Although bone loss is a natural part of aging, steps can be taken to ensure that bones remain healthy and strong late into life.   Since osteoporosis usually has no warning signs or symptoms, men and woman both should consider having a bone density test around age 65. And unlike in the past, we don't have to wait until a debilitating fracture has occurred before identifying and treating this problem.

A  DEXA scan can measure bone density and detect bone loss early. And this early detection of bone loss can help prevent osteoporosis. 

Who Should Get a DEXA scan?

  • Women over age 65
  • Women or men experiencing loss of height
  • Postmenopausal women with fractures
  • Postmenopausal women under age 65 with risk factors other than menopause
  • Women considering therapy for osteoporosis
  • Those who are considering stopping or have stopped hormone replacement therapy