Better Cancer Care, Close to Home

A cancer diagnosis is frightening for anyone. Among the questions that patients and their families wrestle with is how to find the best care and whether that care is accessible to them. For many residents of South King County, traveling to Seattle for cancer care is simply not an option—especially for frequent appointments or for infusion treatments that can last several hours per session. Even those who can afford the time and transportation costs are better served when they can get treatment closer to home, at an institution they know and trust, with family and friends by their side.

Valley has built a strong cancer care program that has significantly outgrown its current capacity and out of necessity is scattered throughout the Valley campus. Care coordination has become increasingly difficult, with providers located in different areas of the hospital and in separate clinics; patients have to experience the added stress of going to multiple locations on campus for their testing, care, and treatment. A single facility will provide more research opportunities, better caregiver collaboration, ease of patient stress and an improved experience.

Thanks to the support of many – from our Board of Trustees and entire senior leadership team to our oncology leaders, providers and caregivers, to Valley Girls & Guys and over 500 individual and corporate donors – we are thrilled to announce construction of the initial phase (Phase 1A) of the new Cancer Center has begun!

“We are witnessing the dawning of a new era in patient care and experience, coming soon for oncology patients in South King County,” shared Jeannine Erickson Grinnell, CEO of Valley Medical Center, at a recent event. Unfortunately, cancer is the leading cause of illness in our community. In addition, much of the population growth happening in our region is happening in Southeast King County, creating a much greater need for cancer services and significant challenges for patients trying to access cancer care close to home. Valley’s new comprehensive Cancer Center will house a $60M state-of-the-art facility and expand access to services that our community needs right here in their backyard.

Patients and families across South King County deserve access to comprehensive cancer care without having to add a lengthy and stressful commute to Seattle or Tacoma. They deserve expanded and accessible treatment options, clinical services, and support resources. And they deserve a sanctuary of hope, help, and healing that is truly coordinated.

Phase 1A will provide a better, more efficient care experience, and innovative treatment in a healing environment. Located on the 3rd floor of our new East Pavilion, this initial phase, once completed, will house a 41-bay infusion center including 9 private and semi-private rooms and 3 fast-track treatment chairs, compounding pharmacy, reception area, lab, symptom management services, and the Trapper and Samantha Wellbeing Resource Center. Phase 1A will be completed in early 2025!

Fundraising is continuing, focused on the remaining $45M needed to complete phases 1B and 2. Phase 1B includes the remaining portions of floor 3 that will house the new Oncology and Hematology Clinic and Multidisciplinary Clinic for patient/care team conferences and treatment planning. It will also include a café space designed for loved ones to enjoy food, coffee, and respite. Phase 2 will focus on the 1st floor and house Radiation Therapy and oncology imaging. Every donor and every dollar raised brings us closer to our goal of opening the doors to this comprehensive Cancer Center for our community.

Integration of all cancer care departments, including hematology and oncology, radiation oncology, the Breast Center, screening and genetics, rehabilitation services, and support services

Care conference suites for meetings between patients and their multidisciplinary team of providers

An infusion and immunotherapy center with patient and family orientation areas, a fast-track room for quick procedures, and spacious treatment rooms with recliners, free WiFi, a reading library, heated blankets, snacks and beverages, free interpreter services, and space for friends and family

State-of-the-art radiation technology that delivers precision high-dose treatments while minimizing radiation exposure, reducing complications, and ensuring faster recovery times

A comprehensive Breast Center that offers 3-D mammography and is staffed by dedicated breast radiologists and expert support staff in a soothing environment that includes warm robes, designer gowns, and original artwork

Plastic and reconstructive services that can provide patients with physically and emotionally transformative results

Research facilities that accommodate an expanded array of clinical trials related to cancer prevention and screening, treatment, symptom management, and post-treatment surveillance

A survivorship program that helps guide cancer survivors in their transition from active treatment to life after treatment

A supportive care clinic that supports quality-of-life decisions and pain management for patients with progressive, serious illness

Free programs including workshops on nutrition, hair loss, and skin care; a wig, hat, and turban bank; yoga and movement classes; pet therapy teams; and a 24-hour resource hotline

Valley’s team approach to cancer care will be greatly enhanced in the new Center:

An oncology RN navigator will be assigned to each patient to coordinate treatment and serve as the main point of contact for questions or concerns.

Multidisciplinary conferences will bring together a patient’s entire care team—including the patient’s primary care provider, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, and social workers—to discuss treatment plans and ensure close collaboration. A process that could otherwise take weeks will be completed in a single day.

Patient meetings will include consultations between the patient and the entire care team as well as one-on-one appointments with individual care providers.

A financial coordinator will be available to help address financial concerns.

A registered dietitian will offer nutrition assessments and help the patient develop a therapeutic diet.


Join the Campaign for Valley's New Cancer Center

Our campaign for the new Cancer Center builds on Valley’s financial strength, legacy of trust within the community, and reputation for delivering compassionate care. Our community takes tremendous pride in having an excellent hospital close to home that provides exceptional services to address any medical need. Cancer is the leading cause of illness within our public hospital district, so consolidating and expanding cancer services is critical.

In keeping with our goal to provide a tranquil, healing and light-filled space, a water theme is being used throughout the Cancer Center. Water elements have been integrated into the design of each space to recognize individuals and organizations that have contributed to our ability to enhance how we care for our community like family. Donor recognition items are available at a variety of levels to highlight our community’s support of the Cancer Center.

Seaglass colored streams, in a variety of lengths, will fill wood slats on select walls and partitions of the First Floor Waiting Area. Each stream, inscribed with the donor’s name(s) or in honorary recognition, will highlight support at the $5,000 - $19,999 level. 150 opportunities are available.

Dichroic waterfalls, designed to reflect light and in a variety of widths, will line the walls of the Third Floor Waiting Area. Each waterfall, inscribed with the donor’s name(s) or in honorary recognition, will highlight support at the $20,000 - $49,999 level. 25 opportunities are available.

Colored ocean panels will fill windows on The Valley Girls & Guys Bridge of Hope, connecting the Cancer Center with Parking Garage C. Each panel will feature a water-like textured wave with the donor’s name(s) or in honorary recognition. Ocean panels are available for gifts at the $200,000 - $500,000 level. 10 opportunities are available.

All donors who support the campaign at any level will be listed in all campaign donor lists on donor reader boards and in special communications and campaign materials. Additionally, donors will be highlighted in Valley’s Gratitude Report in the corresponding year of their gift.

We invite you to join the campaign and invest in a healthier future for an entire community—a community that reflects increasing vibrancy and diversity, as well as the challenges of population growth and economic disparities. Donors who share our vision of an innovative cancer center for South King County residents are stepping forward to make this a reality. Join them!

“The journey before and after diagnosis is something our providers and staff feel very passionate about. Our team has worked hard to create a cancer treatment program built on trust and partnership with our patients and their families—one that encourages shared decision making and provides support from an exceptional and diverse team of specialists.” 
Dr. Navanshu Arora, Medical Director for Cancer Services, Valley Medical Center