Lifestyle Medicine Services


Valley's Lifestyle Medicine provides the tools needed to navigate changes in routine and identify ways in which we can improve health. Now is the time to seek the skills to make lasting healthy behavior changes. Healthy lifestyle choices even boost your immune system. Telehealth and in-person services in three locations (Renton, Maple Valley and Covington) include occupational and physical therapy, nutrition and diabetes counseling, prescribed exercise programs, virtual group classes and virtual well coaching and massage. 

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Physical therapists usually begin with a conversation about health factors you can change, such as sleep, stress, diet and exercise. A consult includes a Health Risk Assessment and a more in-depth screening about your personal health risk factors, including injury history and a screening of your movement. Our ultimate goal is to give our patients the support they need to begin making healthier lifestyle choices, and to provide the tools to maintain changes over time. 

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Medical Nutrition Therapy is an evidence-based approach to address healthy eating, stress, quality of sleep, activity, relationships and how they impact behaviors related to food. By partnering with a registered dietitian, you can tailor a practical plan that works within your lifestyle given today’s challenges.  

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Our exercise programs are delivered both virtually and in person. Lifestyle 365 members will receive updated individualized programs. General members have access to daily workouts, virtual group classes entertaining challenges offering practical ways to continue working toward your health goals without the need of facility access. In addition, we offer telehealth style sessions with your Exercise Specialist who will help you design a home-based program using items you probably already have.