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For Researchers- Research Oversight Committee (ROC)

The UW Medicine | Valley Medical Center Research Oversight Committee (ROC) protects the safety of patients participating in investigational, clinical research or observational research trials by ensuring that these activities are adequately controlled and supported in its purview. All studies that will occur at VMC or utilize VMC patients are required to be reviewed and approved by the Committee prior to any research occurring at VMC or utilizing VMC patients. 

Please note that the ROC is not an institutional review board (IRB). If your study requires IRB approval, please submit to the appropriate entity and have the IRB determination available prior to your ROC submission. 

If you are unsure if your study needs ROC review or have any questions, contact the ROC Coordinator at: Research@ValleyMed.org

Research Oversight Committee does not charge fees associated with any submission or review. 

ROC review and approval is required for all research activities in which VMC is engaged. Review is required before beginning a research project at VMC (new study submission). Quality improvement projects to improve clinic processes and are not research in nature do not need ROC review. There are two separate processes, depending on where the research is originating.

  1.  Valley Medical Center: PI is a Valley Medical Center employee or has Valley Medical Center privileges.
  2.  Outside Valley Medical Center: PI does not have privileges at Valley Medical Center. A complete submission is required for all external research, which includes a current submission form, final protocol, IRB approval or documentation of exemption, documentation that VMC is an IRB-approved site, all consents, HIPAA forms, patient-facing documents, etc.

 There are separate forms for each process. Please contact the ROC coordinator for the appropriate form.

Research Oversight Committee meets every two months. Agenda space is very limited. Four slots are reserved for internal Valley Medical Center research. Only up to two slots are expected for any external research. Please contact the ROC coordinator as soon as possible to get your study on the wait list. 

A renewal or closure ROC submission is required annually. The ROC coordinator will email the applicable submission forms to the identified study team.