Employee Login

If you are not an employee or on the medical staff at Valley Medical Center, click on the "Back" icon of your web browser to navigate back to the home page of www.ValleyMed.org. You will only be able to continue beyond this page if you have a user account and login to the Valley Medical Center network.

Items currently available to all Valley Medical Center employees through web access:
ValleyTimes Intranet »
(Access to Services for Employees, "This Week at Valley", web e-mail, and links to clinical and business applications)

Staff and Medical Staff remote access requires pre-setup. Setup cannot be done on demand, so must be scheduled in advance of when you will need to use it.
Request setup by calling the IT Service Desk, Monday - Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm, at 425.228.3440 x6200.
Employee remote access requires manager approval before it can be setup.

Physicians can request access using this online form: Physician Access Request

Remote Access Computer Requirements
  1. Windows 2000 or XP, Java 5, Internet Explorer 5 or higher (recommend IE 6). Other browsers may or may not work for all VMC applications.
  2. Enable Microsoft VM for Java in Internet Explorer or download the latest Sun Java Version 5.0 from www.java.com/en.
  3. If your computer is running a Firewall application or an antivirus software such as Norton Antivirus or MacAfee, you may need to add http://myportal.valleymed.org to your trusted sites.

(This remote access option will not work for all employees. VMC IT cannot support or perform "any" trouble-shooting of home computers. Your option is to access VMC systems through any VMC supported location and computer.)
Access and Use Policy
As an employee or member of the medical staff, your access and use of the VMC network and applications is based on your acceptance and compliance with the "Acceptable Use Policy". By proceeding beyond this page to access the VMC network and systems, you are agreeing to the "Acceptable Use Policy".