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Fitness TreadmillsValley Lifestyle Medicine & Fitness Center is a medically based fitness facility applying evidence based practices to reduce risk factors and improve wellness. Valley Lifestyle Medicine promotes a healthy lifestyle, using a proactive approach to preventing injury, disease, and guiding our members to their goals.  





Valley offers a wide variety of group fitness classes that incorporate functional movements to promote a healthy active lifestyle. 


 All of our classes can be modified to meet you at any stage in life. Check out our Class Schedule

Woman stretchingDo you want to take control of your health and well-being? Join our exclusive program with the best value! For those of you just starting out, looking for guidance or accountability, or who have medical concerns consider our Lifestyle 365 program. Our highly skilled Exercise Specialist will create a plan to help meet your goals. 


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Want to learn more about the Fitness Center, Lifestyle Medicine and the programs we offer?

 Attend our Prescriptive Exercise Information session! You can learn about the different levels of membership and discuss which program would be best for you. We also offer tours of the facility to help new members get acquainted with newly remodeled space. 



Find Resources in Our Health Library 

Visit our health library to get healthy recipes, tips on exercise, and tons of articles about healthy living. Our blog is always growing with information of health and wellness.

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