Dial 911 if you are experiencing chest pain.

10 Steps to a Healthy Heart Pic
Dr Joshua Busch, MD and cardiologist, shares ten tips on
how to keep your heart healthy. Click to view.

Experiencing a heart event or discovering you have a heart condition can be both frightening and life-affirming. To recover and make changes for a heart-healthy future takes courage, stamina and willpower, along with the latest advances in medical care. Valley Medical Center’s team of highly trained cardiologists provide 24-hour hospital emergency coverage at the highest level of patient care. Our comprehensive cardiovascular program offers a full range of diagnostic and interventional services.

VMC is the recipient of The Joint Commission’s coveted Gold Seal of Approval™ for Stroke care, and Get with the GuidelinesSM Stroke (GWTG-Stroke) Bronze Performance Achievement Award. Our cardiac catheterization door-to-balloon time, or the time it takes for a patient to arrive at our Emergency department door until a life-saving angioplasty is performed—is just under 60 minutes, or one-third faster than the national industry standard of 90 minutes or less.

Advancements in medicine and technology over the last few decades changed the way we manage cardiac care. Treatments more commonly rely on minimally-invasive procedures rather than major surgery. This means lower risks, faster recovery and more positive results.

Valley Medical Center's Cardiac Care includes nationally-recognized emergency cardiac care, as well as a full spectrum of services, from our 24-hour Chest Pain Clinic to our ground-breaking Cardiac Rehabilitation program. VMC is also recognized as a national leader in best practices for cardiac care.

Diet & healthy living habits reduce your risk of heart disease

Vance_smVance is an “every man” who lived with heart disease and didn’t know it—until one day when a blockage in the largest artery in his heart cut blood flow in half. He had the most serious type of heart attack you can have.

Watch Vance's Story

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Important Phone Numbers
Chest Pain Clinic, 425.656.4037
Cardiac Rehabilitation, 425.228.3440, ext. 4991